Start right now. Here's your pre-work so you hit the ground running.

About This Module

Welcome! Get ready to make serious revenue.

Here is your pre-work so you hit the ground running at Week 1.

I would like you to get started with your pre-work straight away. This is a huge mobiliser and orientates your mind. Take time when you can to think on this.

Post your thoughts,ideas, questions, struggles and findings in the Facebook group as you go along. This is a living document that changes constantly. No question is irrelevant, if you need anything, do ask. We are going fast here and momentum is critical.


Your pre-work

1. Write what your clients, (and their clients) get from your input. What do they get? What do they become? Really focus on concrete impact, transformation, outcomes, results. What is different in their world?

Fill in the blanks:

Before my input, my clients are _______ [what is broken, sad, unsustainable]

After my input, my clients are________[what is fixed, better/cheaper/faster]


Bonus homework:

Repeat this exercise for YOUR CLIENT’S clients.


2. Based on your experience and where you are right now, write down what your best clients are most hungry for. When do people come to you? What do they say they need? [Hint: This is where you will see a big difference as we get going.] We’ll talk more about how and why this is important later.


3. Decide on one ideal type of client – pick a real client you have right now. We will work on this because it may well change.
Make a list of Facebook and Linkedin Groups, blogs, portals, events, networks where these people can be found. GO there, and begin a very basic research/listening campaign to see what complain about, ask about, struggle with, work on, as it relates to your topic/expertise.
We will use this to make your big sales. This is super important to orientate you and me.


Do not be perfect, try to fail. Just get your ideas down, put in on paper even and take a photo and load it in the Facebook group. This is about fast iteration, learning to be bold and having critical mass of action. I also need to see how you are thinking. We will fix it together.


Excited to get going now and get YOU amazing results. Let’s get to work!